How It Works

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Our mission is to provide a VARIETY of CONVENIENT, NUTRITIOUS, CLEAN food. We don't use any artificial chemicals, ingredients, flavors or preservatives.  LOW SODIUM handmade food is our specialty.  

VARIETY: Our menu items are carefully selected to offer a blend of meats, vegetables, quality carbohydrates, and flavor.  There are dozens of mix and match opportunities.

CONVENIENT: Items are prepared in small batches then frozen in single or double serve portion sizes.  All our items are easy to bake, defrost and heat, or boil.  In addition, everything in the Online Shop can be delivered throughout the Denver Metro area.

NUTRITIOUS: Our food is made with top quality ingredients using minimal sugar or salt.  Eating food from our kitchen means you'll get quality meat, garlic, tomatoes, spinach, eggplant, and so on.

CLEAN: That means you'll be eating more of the best options from each food group.  Good vegetables, good protein, good fat, and quality carbohydrates.  

What you need to DO?

We'll deliver prepared food to your door in insulated packages (when warmer weather requires insulation).  So, you just need to get the food into the freezer.  Each item comes with heating or cooking instructions. When you decide what sounds good simply fire up the oven, pot, or microwave.  


Because, food that’s frozen right after production is often in better condition than fresh food which sat and deteriorated for a while. It’s certainly better than chemical preservatives. And we understand that you want to eat on your time and make your own choice. So, buying 5 meals from us means you have 5 choices tonight, 4 tomorrow, and so on.   

Plus, when Gram used to make a large pot of sauce you can rest assured there was leftovers. Well, she didn’t waste anything. So the leftover sauce ended up in small portions and in the freezer. She pulled out a container to defrost when she knew we were coming, and handmade sauce was never this easy.